How to have more youthful looking eyes

Hooding, and wrinkles? How to have more youthful looking eyes… When I meet someone, I look them in the eye, and then I look at their eyes.

The most common concern clients have as they get older is the hooding on their upper lids and the wrinkles under and around their eyes. The skin in this area is extremely delicate, and it thins rapidly as we age. The eyes have always been a difficult area to treat. Lasers can’t be used within the orbital rim (or eye socket area) for obvious reasons, limiting safe treatment options. So, what can be done to lift the hooding and reduce the wrinkles in this vulnerable area?

After many months of trialling various solutions and coming up with too little conviction to proceed, I recently bought the Ultraformer III into our clinics. It’s the worlds’ first micro and macro focused Ultrasound lifting and tightening system. Now, I don’t expect you to be as excited as I am by that statement, but you will be once you try the Ultraformer III and experience the results for yourself! The Ultraformer III not only addresses hooding and wrinkles around the eyes, but also has the capability to tighten sagging skin on the cheeks, submentum (turkey neck!), and other areas of the body in a quick and painless manner, with NO downtime. Got your attention now? It had mine when I heard that.

For clients like me, 40+ with mild to moderate skin laxity and ageing around the eye area, this is a brilliant way to not only stave off the knife, but to give this area a genuinely more youthful appearance. I know you can use dermal fillers and toxin, but these treatment options are limited in what they are able to achieve and don’t actually improve the health and strength of the skin. The Ultraformer III does. The focused ultrasound within the Ultraformer III precisely targets different depths in the skin; the dermis (where the collagen producing cells are and the deeper) and the SMAS layer (the layer of tissue surgeons pull back during a face lift), hence the lifting and tightening capability, as well as addressing the softening of wrinkles.

What else do you need to know? Results are in some cases immediate, with the full effect taking 3 months due to the deep collagen stimulation. Some areas may require subsequent visits, but this can all be discussed prior to your first treatment in discussion with one of our beautiful, caring nurses. You can also read more about this innovative technology by visiting our website or calling your home clinic to discuss your enquiry with one of our helpful Client Service Managers.

If you are wanting to age as well as possible, and have noticed a little laxity and a few extra wrinkles, then I really urge you to book in to have a review with our team to see what this incredible technology could do for you. It will be a real eye opener (sorry – couldn’t help it!). Suzie x

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