Why Choose Clear Complexions to have your Fraxel treatment?

At Clear complexions, we have been treating our clients with the Fraxel Re:store® Dual system in the clinics for over five years and have performed over 1800 Fraxel procedures. This means we have just about seen it all and pride ourselves on providing an experienced, well-performed medical procedure that is safe as well as incredibly effective.

Our Specialty
Suzie presenting on Fraxel at Cosmetex 2012

Suzie Hoitink, our founder, is a highly respected and much sought after authority on fractionated lasers due to her vast experience with this particular modality. She is a key opinion leader for Solta Medical, the manufacturer of Fraxel, and has travelled to their Research and Development facility in San Francisco to further her knowledge and remain on the cutting edge of new techniques and innovative settings.

Suzie has been invited to present at the last three annual Cosmetex Cosmetic Surgery Conferences on fractionated lasers. The Cosmetex conference is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and brings together the leading surgeons, dermatologists, doctors and health professionals from around the world.

Our Training
Fraxel is a very specialized procedure. At Clear Complexions, only our most experienced RN’s who have undergone a specific fractionated laser program perform Fraxel treatments. Suzie personally mentors and trains every RN.

Your Safety
Prior to a Fraxel treament on the face we will look at your skin 2mm below the surface with sophisticated imaging software to ensure you are suitable and that the treatment will be effective and safe. A possible side effect of Fraxel laser is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darker pigmentation). Our imaging system allows us to identify those clients at risk of this occurring.

Every clients file is reviewed by at least two experienced registered nurses for suitability.  The treatment settings are checked prior to commencement to ensure your safety.  This process is part of the Clear Complexions Client Clinical Pathway, a system developed by Suzie, for which she was a finalist in the Innovation Category of the 2012 Telstra Business Womens Awards.

Our Promise to You
We truly believe that no other organization cares more about your skin than our nurses do. Fraxel is a remarkably effective treatment but is not suitable for every person. If we do not believe this treatment is the right choice for you, we will advise against having it. If you are a suitable client, we will ensure you are comprehensively informed and prepared, treated in a safe, clinical environment by RN’s and have excellent follow up care to ensure you get the most out of each and every Fraxel treatment.