What Our Nurses Do For Their Skin

Is the stress of the wedding prep is making your skin look less than perfect? For me trying to plan a wedding in Brisbane from Canberra was taking its toll on my skin. So with all the fabulous tools at Clear Complexions at my disposal here is my pre-wedding skin regime.

Starting 6 months out from my wedding I began using injectable anti-wrinkle treatments on my frown and forehead lines and this was my wrinkle lifesaver! Its softening affect on my existing fine lines was brilliant and my fiancé loved it because I could no longer frown at him. I also increased the frequency of my clinic strength peels from monthly to fortnightly to really start improving the tone and texture of my skin.

The biggest skin-saver for me was the Clear & Brilliant laser treatment. This mild resurfacing laser system met all of my requirements of minimal downtime, improves glow and texture and is also a preventative aging treatment.

Best performed in a series of 4-6 fortnightly treatments I timed to have my last Clear & Brilliant 2 weeks out from my wedding to ensure the glow that the treatment produces was at its peak. Even now 6 months later my skin has never looked better.

Finally, as my wedding was in humid Brisbane and to minimise the risk of a stress break out, on my final day at the clinic (1 week before my wedding) I applied at Rationale Vitamin B3 mask and had an Omnilux Infrared therapy. The power of Omnilux improving skin health is widely documented and when combined with the immune boosting, reparative effects of clinic strength Vitamin B3 by the day of my wedding there was not one sign of stress on my skin!

Ever since my wedding I have been prescribing this fantastic regime to all of our Brides with amazing result. So if you are getting married soon come see myself at the Erindale clinic or one of our fabulous nurses at Bruce or Gungahlin to start getting your skin into shape!