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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Across Australia

“As one of the first signs of ageing, many men and women look for effective solutions in order to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With fast acting results, cosmetic injectables are now one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world. The key to achieving a naturally refreshed look, however, is in ensuring that only the leading products are used and administered by medical professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in assessing your specific facial structure. We offer professionally administered anti-wrinkle injections to clients”


Key benefits of cosmetic injectables
  • Highly effective in softening and preventing dynamic lines
  • Can be used to lift the eyebrows
  • Quick and convenient treatment with no downtime.
  • Results last for up to 4 months
  • If you have repeat wrinkle treatments, results may last longer.
What Clear Complexions offer:
  • A medical consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses
  • The leading brands in cosmetic injectables
  • A soft, refreshed and natural look from medical experts skilled in assessing your facial features and symmetry
How anti wrinkle injections work

Anti-wrinkle injections paralyse the muscles that are responsible for frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.

Prior to your treatment, our doctor will have a consultation with you to determine your suitability, assess your general health and discuss any concerns.

The procedure involves a small amount of the product being administered into the selected facial muscle using a very fine needle. It takes approximatley 15 minutes. The injection may sting for a few seconds, but no anaesthetic is required and you are able to resume normal activities afterwards. After the injection, it takes 2-3 days for the treatment to begin taking effect, and about 5-8 days to see the full result.

If you are starting to notice wrinkles due to sun damage or natural ageing, or want to prevent them, anti-ageing treatments are a highly effective method for achieving a refreshed look.

Anti wrinkle injections

Prices –

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The first step

If you’re new to Clear Complexions, we need to conduct an in-depth skin analysis using state-of-the-art imaging software to look beneath your skin; so that we can determine what treatment will deliver you the best results. It only takes 60 minutes and it will set you on the right path for truly healthy skin.

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