Treating Nose Capillaries

One of the most common complaints clients have about their skin are those annoying broken capillaries around the nose that become more noticeable the older we get.

Caused in large part by environmental damage, genetics and age, they are notoriously difficult to treat because of their location and depth.

Collapsing the capillaries and stopping them from resurfacing requires a high powered laser that penetrates deeply. While this sounds terrifying, actually the treatment is quick, has no downtime and is relatively painless. Cooling the skin pre and post is the key to a comfortable and safe outcome.

The vessels will either disappear completely at the treatment or will look lighter. They can become bruised for a day or two but this is rare.

I have been searching for the solution to these vessels for quite some time and at the clinics we now have three different lasers that can be used to treat all manner of vessels at different depths in the skin.

If you would like to know whether this treatment is appropriate for you, call the clinics for a consultation with one of our nurses.