Treating Asian skin with confidence

Treating Asian and darker skin tones can be challenging. It requires the careful balance of treating the condition and preventing complications that only experience and a medical approach can provide. Our Asian clients demand smooth, flawless skin. Pigmentation, both sun induced and hormonal, acne, scarring and skin laxity are the most common concerns they come to us with.

Asian and ethnic skin in general, is complicated due to the diversity in skin tones and the propensity to produce pigmentation in response to overly aggressive or inappropriate technologies. Concerns are well founded. Too often Asian clients present to us with pigmentary changes and scarring after having the wrong treatment at the wrong settings elsewhere.

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as saying which technologies are ‘safe’ for Asian skin because your assurance of a long lasting positive result comes from the experience of the nurses and doctors as well as the quality of the devices.

The diversity of each of our clinics technology ensures our nurses and doctors use the correct treatment and cosmeceutical combination. This is determined at the intensive skin analysis using imaging software, where we are able to see the true condition of the skin.

Technologies such as Thermage CPT, Fraxel re:store® Dual,  Permea, IPL, Procedure peels, Omnilux and Isolaz can be used individually, or in combination, to treat stubborn pigmentation, acne, scarring and skin laxity effectively in darker skinned individuals. Cosmecuticals can be specifically tailored for Asian and darker skin types by our experienced team to lighten pigmentation and increase collagen stimulation, leading to healthier, stronger skin into the future.

The best advice for anyone of Asian origin seeking treatment for their skin is to choose their clinic carefully based on the range of technologies they provide and more importantly, the experience they have; that beingonly medical professionals. To not do so is simply too risky.