Tips for Healthy Skin

Focus this year on improving your skin’s health. I don’t just mean make it look better, I mean make it function better.

You can pick unhealthy, damaged skin easily. It is dehydrated, pigmented and prematurely aged. Just like a healthy body looks and functions better, so to will the skin.

How do you do improve the health of your skin?

  • Repair the damage first.
  • Feed it! Use products containing vitamins B3, A, C and E and use AHA’s and BHA’s.  Don’t bother with over the counter cosmetics. Skincare is always controversial but believe me, once you are on the right active ingredients in a medical grade cosmecutical, you will know it. Get some expert advice on what your skin needs.
  • Stop using detergent, astringent cleansers. These unfortunately are the most commonly available because they are cheap to produce. They strip your skin of natural ceremides and fatty acids that are an essential to maintain your skins protective quality. Use an emulsifying cleanser that maintains the lipid barrier.
  • Cut out smoking, excess alcohol and sugar (need I say more!)
  • Add avocado, almonds, salmon and berries to your diet. These are skin power foods.
  • Protect your skin from the sun everyday, regardless of weather and never spray perfume directly onto sun exposed skin – it over sensitizes your skin to the sun leading to excessive and often irreversible damage.
  • Use non-invasive collagen stimulating treatments regularly – obviously get some advice here. I am a big fan of having treatments like Omnilux or Clear + Brilliant often rather than having the more aggressive treatments.