Thermage CPT for Asian Skin

The effects of environmental damage on skin and the resulting accelerated aging process is a concern for people of all ethnicities. While Asians are blessed with a skin structure that is less prone to wrinkling and sagging than Caucasians, they are not invulnerable to the accelerated aging attributed to today’s lifestyle habits, particularly here is Australia.

Increased UV exposure prematurely damages collagen and elastin, accelerating the aging process which includes eyelid hooding and laxity in the skin.

Thermage CPT is an ideal technology for Asians skin types to combat this and stimulate deep collagen and elastin to tighten and strengthen the skin. Why? It is essentially ‘colour-blind’, meaning it is suitable for all skin types and colours.

Asian and ethic skin in general, is complicated due to the diversity in skin tones and the propensity to produce pigmentation in response to overly aggressive or inappropriate technologies.

Thermage CPT allows our nurses and doctors to tighten our Asian clients’ skin without risking post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

I achieve remarkable results for my Asian clients at our clinics. The diversity of each of our clinics technology ensures our nurses and doctors use the correct treatment and cosmeceutical combination to restore the skin to its optimal health and keep it that way. This is determined at the intensive skin analysis using imaging software, where we are able to see the true condition of the skin – absolutely essential before any treatment.

My advice for anyone of Asian origin seeking treatment for their skin is to choose their clinic carefully based on the range of technologies they provide and more importantly, the experience they have; that being only medical professionals. To not do so is simply too risky.