The Changing Face of Men

I have been in this industry for quite some years now and I have been asked a few times about what changing trends I’ve noticed.

One of the most obvious is the increasing number of men we are treating in our clinics, and not, as is commonly thought, for hair removal, but rather for their skin.

Broken capillaries, pigmentation and wrinkles are bothering our men just as much as they bother us. It’s just that, until now, men haven’t had access to clinics and practices that they feel comfortable going to.

‘Metrosexuals’, I hear you say.

No, just your ordinary guys, typically 40-70, who would like have some damage repaired and learn to take better care of their skin. In my experience, comments like, “My husband won’t even use moisturiser “are not true. When men understand the science behind antioxidants and how that helps their skin be healthier, they become diligent users of a skincare regime, so long as it works.