Solutions for Winter Skin Woes

As the colder month’s approach, they can bring more than just a rosy glow to our cheeks. In winter, many people report their skin is dryer, flushes more easily and is more prone to irritation.

Why? In cooler, more windy environments there is less moisture in the air, which is further compounded by coming in and out of artificial heating. Water is lost from skin cells called Keratinocytes and essential lipids stripped from the surface of the skin, impairing the barrier.

There is plenty that can be done to ‘nurse’ your skin through winter.

Here are the top tips


1. Choose a more occlusive moisturiser than the one used in summer to aid in restoring the barrier function of the skin.

2. Steer away from detergent based cleansers which can strip the skin of natural lipids, and use an emulsifying cleanser  to stimulate ceramide production and lock in moisture.

3. Amp up the antioxidants in your skincare, especially vitamins B3, A and C as these are essential for maintain optimal skin health and hydration.

4. Depleted, thinning and creped skin is more common in winter, especially around the eye area. To stimulate collagen production and build integrity in this area contact your Nurse for treatment options.

5. The cooler months are a great opportunity to start addressing photo damage caused by exposure to sun with treatment options such as Fraxel laser, Genesis laser and IPL. 

6. Winter skin is often associated with dry, flaking skin due to dehydration. Procedure Peels are a perfect way of lifting dead cells and stimulating fresh new ones.