Suzie Hoitink RN

Our Founder

The insecurities born from both chronic acne and hormonal pigmentation once held Suzie Hoitink back from being her best self. After a long journey, she eventually turned her skin and her confidence around, using a combination of light-based technologies and medical-grade skincare. It became her mission to do the same for others.

Fast-forward more than 10 years and that mission has seen Suzie become the Founder of 6 clinics across Canberra and Sydney, whilst winning multiple awards, including Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2012, and establish a reputation as the undisputed leader in the skin rejuvenation industry.

Through her tireless work in continually setting new benchmarks for best practice, Suzie is also the most sought after authority

on skincare as requested by the media, and features regularly on television, magazines and as a keynote speaker at industry conferences nationally.

As well as running her expanding business with husband, Alex, and being a mother to two daughters, Suzie also competes in triathlons around the world. The once painfully shy Suzie, plagued with low self-esteem, is absolute testament to the fact that feeling good about the skin you’re in can make all the difference to how you are in the world.

It’s something that continues to motivate Suzie and her team everyday as they proudly watch clients walk out the door, thrilled with the results and feeling just that little bit more confident.

  • “When considering the line-up of exceptional speakers required for this year’s National Nursing Forum, linking speakers to our theme was of the utmost importance. “Make Change Happen” is the 2017 theme and follows on from 2016’s theme “The Power of Now”. Suzie Hoitink immediately came to mind as a pioneer and trailblazer for women and for nursing. Suzie is an outstanding example of leadership, of courage and of a commitment to excellence. Forging an industry with dignity and professionalism has seen Suzie put nursing entrepreneurialism on the map in the field of cosmetic medicine. The cosmetic industry is a mindmap for consumers, but consumers trust nurses and Suzie’s holistic approach to wellness and the lifespan provides clients with peace of mind and registered nurses with assuredness that they can deliver exceptional care. I look forward to knowing hundreds of nurses will be inspired at this signature event for nursing leaders.”

    Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, FACN
    CEO, Australian College of Nursing

  • “I have known Suzie since she opened her first clinic. I have followed her career with great pride as I consider her now to be one of Australia's leaders in non- surgical treatments and patient care and education. The standard of care which she instils in all her staff is world class.”

    Ms. Ricky Allen, BSc. BHSc. Dip. HM. Dip. PA.
    Australia Cosmetic Enhancement & Anti-Aging Editor, Vogue

  • “I’m thrilled to welcome Suzie as our 2017 IMP Corporate Patron.

    She’s very successful, driven and is passionate about learning more about our Australian Indigenous culture and is dedicated to making a difference, and she’s got a great profile to help us get our IMF message out.

    I really look forward to working with her and helping her run her first marathon in just six months. And what a marathon, the biggest marathon in the world, the world famous New York City Marathon, side by side with our incredible 2017 IMP Team!”

    Robert De Costella
    Director, Indigenous Marathon Foundation

  • “Suzie Hoitink is a luminary in the field of aesthetic medicine.

    Her medical credentials, her deep concern and commitment to every one of her clients and nurses and her vast experience as a skincare specialist have earned Suzie an international reputation as a world leader in skin health.

    Clear Complexions is the epitome of excellence to which every medical aesthetic practice should aspire.”

    Richard Parker
    Founder and Director of R&D, Rationale

  • “Clear Complexions with Suzie and her team of Skin experts and Nurses are my ‘go-to’ for skin help. I recommend my friend, my daughter and her friend to go to Clear Complexions for a professional skin consultation. Put your skin in the hands of THE SKIN EXPERTS”.

    Mandy Gray
    Owner, True Solutions International

  • “I have been visiting Suzie and the team at Clear Complexions for a number of years and after every visit I feel amazing. The professionalism of the team is second to none, their knowledge of the treatments on offer and skin care available blows me away every time but most of all it is the consistent care, advice and support they give to help my skin look the best it can which ultimately allows me to feel confident as the woman I am.”

    Janine Garner (Speaker, Author & Mentor)
    Partner, Thought Leaders Global
    Founder & CEO, LBD Group

  • “Suzie and her incredible team of committed skin experts at Clear Complexions provide you with a one stop shop for all of your skin care needs. Sun damage is an occupational hazard as a professional surfer so I love how knowledgeable, caring and professional the team are in addressing my needs and helping me look and feel my best, making me more confident in everything I do.”

    Layne Beachley, AO
    Speaker, Trainer, Author and 7 times World Surfing Champion

Suzie's Story

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