Regain what you’ve lost – The 2 steps to treating sagging skin

When I place a mirror in front of my clients and ask what bothers them, it’s rare that a 40 + woman- or man for that matter- doesn’t mention that they feel like their face is dropping.

Why does this happen?

It is a combination of loss of collagen and loss of volume in the face. Of course, it’s much more complicated, but that’s the nuts and bolts of it.

What can you do about it? It is usually a two-step process – tighten and replace lost volume.


1. Tightening the skin


For my clients, I only use the world leading technology in skin tightening: Thermage CPT®. This clinically proven, non-surgical treatment has many celebrity fans, including Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow- who after a session proclaimed, “I feel like it took five years off my face.”

The Thermage CPT system heats the skin at a depth to kick-start the body’s natural renewal processes. This is where the structural collagen, or ‘scaffolding’, is produced. When we are young, we have plenty of collagen to provide support and strength. With age and UV exposure, we lose collagen and our skin becomes lax and crêpey, resulting in jowls, deep lines and thinner skin.

Where can you treat?

Thermage® is used to treat the whole face and jaw line to tighten the cheeks, reduce the nasolabial folds (between the nose and the mouth), and to tighten and lift skin along the jaw line, define the lip and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

It can also address other areas of the body. Thermage®EYES uses a different tip to lift the eyebrows and reduce hooding, and Thermage®BODY can also be used to help contour loose skin anywhere on the body- particularly the arms, buttocks, knees and stomach.

The results typically manifest between three to six months after treatment. The effects aren’t permanent, but they last for two to three years – sometimes even longer.

It is very popular because it works in just one treatment with little to no downtime.

What happens at a treatment?

Treatments take 90 mins. You’ll feel a brief sensation of heat, but the Thermage® device monitors the surface temperature of your skin and applies a cooling cryogen spray before, during, and after each pulse. Makeup can be applied immediately afterwards and you can return to your normal activities straight away.


2. Replacing lost volume


As we age, we lose volume in many areas of our face. When the cheeks lose volume, the skin can sag, leading to nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth), oral commissures (the folds just beneath the corners of the mouth), and jowls (the skin beneath the jawline). The result is a flatter and square appearance to the face. When volume is lost in the brows, it can expose the upper orbital rim, giving the face a skeletal appearance, and loss of volume in the lips leads to thinner lips and lip lines.

Not exactly something to look forward to.

Dermal fillers are synthetic hyaluronic acid that can rebuild the internal framework of your face by regaining volume in key areas. You can work on your entire face or treat specific areas such as nasolabial folds, cheek depressions, receding lips and even sagging hands.

If placed by a skilled practitioner, a small amount of filler can produce a youthful and natural look.

We all fear looking unnatural and ‘done’ but this simply doesn’t happen when you have an experienced injector who cares for your skin health. The best results are achieved over time, with care and attention to detail, and a consultation and facial assessment is the crucial first step.

In terms of down time, it’s minimal. The procedure takes between 45-60 minutes, and in some instances a numbing cream or local analgesia will help to numb the area. There may be some minor swelling and mild bruising, but the results are instant and last for between 12-18 months.

My one word of caution is not to use dermal fillers exclusively and neglect your skin health and strength. There is only so much ‘filling’ you can have without it looking strange which is why the Thermage/Dermal Filler combination yields such beautiful results.

As always, if you need any advice, please come and see one of our skilled nurses. We are here to help.


Love Suzie







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About the author: Suzie Hoitink is a Registered Nurse and the Founder of the award winning Clear Complexions Clinics. At Suzie’s clinics the doctors and nurses treat everyday skin conditions using the latest technology available. Not only do they improve the health and appearance of their client’s skin, but their overall confidence as well.