Worried about the condition of your neck and décolletage?

One of the most common conditions we treat at the clinics is solar damage to the neck and chest (décolletage) called Poikiloderma.

This manifests itself as reddish, brown skin that often has a rough or ‘chicken skin’ texture. It is simply caused by too much sun exposure on the very thin skin on the chest and neck. Using perfume and then going out in the sun can increase the solar damage further.

What can you do? This is a particularly difficult skin condition to treat so first things first – cover up that area when out in the sun, use a broad spectrum sunscreen and stop spraying perfume directly on the skin. Using a combination of treatments such a IPL, Genesis Laser and the incredibly effective PRP is a common combination that really delivers. Come in and have a chat with one of our qualified clinicians about what can be done to repair some damage to your neck and décolletage and take better care of that skin in the future.