Pigment + Pores Skin Refresher


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Pigmentation and pores are two of the most common complaints our clients come to us with.

Patchy skin tone (pigmentation) appears in a variety of forms –light freckling, dark spots and the symmetrical patches of hormonally stimulated pigment called melasma. It comes as no surprise that 62 per cent of Australian women list pigmentation as a skin concern.

Large open pores are also a concern to many clients and can make the skin look and feel thicker, duller and older than it is. As we age, the pores become more dilated. People prone to drier skin often have pores that are barely visible, while individuals with oily, thicker skin tend to have larger, more obvious pores.

Is there a way we can address both concerns?

Absolutely – with a powerful combination of medical Intense Pulsed Light, Clear + Brilliant fractionated laser and the collagen stimulation of the Omnilux LED – all treatments that have little to no downtime at all.

I love Intense Pulsed Light for myself and for my clients because it is quick and remarkably effective at lightening superficial, sun induced pigment. It definitely gives clients the wow factor!

The Clear + Brilliant fractionated laser delivers powerful and precise fractionated laser energy to stimulate resurfacing of the skin and collagen production. After applying a topical numbing cream to your face, one of our highly skilled nurses will expertly guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the surface of your skin to deliver a uniform application. Immediately afterwards, your skin may appear red and ironically, feel like you have a touch of sunburn.

The last step in the Pigment + Pores Skin refresher is everyone’s favourite treatment, the Omnilux LED. We only use the medical grade Omnilux LED at the clinics to ensure your skin receives the correct dose to initiate a cellular response. Put simply, Omnilux stimulates your collagen producing cells – fibroblasts, to produce more collagen, resulting in stronger, healthier skin.

So what will you notice in your skin?

Your skin will be slightly red on the day of the treatment, but by the next day, the redness will have dissipated.  Your skin will feel slightly rough for 2-4 days due to the turnover of dead skin cells but no one will notice so there is no need to alter your social life at all. By day 4-5 you will love how your skin looks and feels – noticeably clearer and softer!

At Clear Complexions, we have over 10 years’ experience at combining our vast range of technologies to give the greatest possible result – short and long term.

All three of these treatments are delivered by our nurses after a full skin consultation and imaging analysis.

So if pigmentation and pores are concerning you, or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, click here or to book your Pigment + Pores special offer, click here. 

We look forward to looking after you.






About the author: Suzie Hoitink is a Registered Nurse and the Founder of the award winning Clear Complexions Clinics. At Suzie’s clinics the doctors and nurses treat everyday skin conditions using the latest technology available. Not only do they improve the health and appearance of their client’s skin, but their overall confidence as well.

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