Our Future is Clear

our future is clear

The last thirteen years have been nothing short of remarkable.  If someone had said to me when I opened my first clinic that Clear Complexions would grow to be the leader in the skin care rejuvenation industry I would have politely smiled and said, “wouldn’t that be wonderful”.

I’ve always had the dream to offer every person confidence through beautiful healthy skin, and that was the core focus of our expansion from Canberra to Sydney five years ago. Today we are faced with constant demand for treatments performed by highly skilled nurses to be even more accessible. This found Alex and I asking the question, “How can we open more clinics to meet our client’s needs?”

Just around the time we were looking at ideas for the future, Alex and I were approached by Maxine Horne, the CEO of Vita Group. After many conversations, meetings and a long time getting to know Maxine personally, we realised that the core values and vision of Vita Group are directly aligned with our values and vision at Clear Complexions.

So, after months of planning I am excited to finally announce the acquisition that will allow Clear Complexions to take some exciting steps into our future and achieve our vision to be the undisputed leader in the skin rejuvenation industry.

This is a monumental step for Alex and myself  and one we would not take if we weren’t 100% sure it was the right direction for our incredible team and beautiful clients. We are both tremendously excited to be moving forward with Maxine’s team, knowing it will enable us to provide an even better level of service and care to all those who entrust their skin to us.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every member of Clear Complexions, all of whom are incredibly supportive and excited to be a part of our new future with us.

Can’t wait for the journey ahead!

love suzie

*All media enquiries please contact clearcomplexions@vitagroup.com.au