Considering cosmetic Injectables? Our expert advice for first timers

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are some of our most popular treatments and play an important part of many of our clients’ overall treatment plans. That’s because, when used in combination with our medical-grade skincare, laser and light and body sculpting treatments, they deliver long-lasting, natural looking results that leave our clients looking and feeling their confident best.

Clients embarking on their aesthetic journey and taking their first plunge into injectables, regardless of their age, all generally ask the same questions about the treatments and results they will experience. So, we thought we’d ask our experienced team of nurses and doctors for their advice for those looking to start their injectables journey.


Advice #1

“You won’t look frozen or fake! So many of our clients are worried about looking artificial or unable to have mobility in treated areas, but we are highly-skilled in ensuring you achieve a natural looking result.”

Advice #2

“Injectables aren’t just for getting rid of wrinkles, they’re great for enhancing features – another great reason to embark on your injectables journey! Injectables such as dermal filler can amplify your features or correct asymmetry in your cheeks, lips and chin.”

Advice #3

“Put your aesthetic journey in the hands of people you can trust. We often see clients who have started their journey in other clinics and the outcome hasn’t been as expected, or in some cases, has needed repair. It is important that you choose your clinic carefully and trust your clinician. Injectables are fantastic, but you don’t want to make the wrong choice in where you go for treatment.”

Advice #4

“They really do rejuvenate your skin! Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections restore a person’s appearance and can reverse those tired lines that so many of clients are concerned with.”

At Clear Complexions, we pride ourselves on our holistic, three-dimensional approach to treating our clients’ skin. We balance the use of medical grade skincare treatments, injectables and high-quality skincare, delivering long-lasting, natural looking results that leave you with a new level of confidence. To find out how these treatments can help you achieve a fresh appearance, contact Clear Complexions today.