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Every three months, I sit down with my clients for a review of their skin. The 15 to 20 minute appointment touches a number of bases, including a look at treatments they have had, their results, the treatments that are appropriate for them now, the skincare they are using and most importantly, how happy they are with their progress.

Why? Because I have never been a fan of the quick fix – the one-off treatment that yields results for a short time but ultimately doesn’t improve the health of your skin. I think about two things with clients: how can I repair any damage and how can I ensure their skin is as healthy as possible in 10 years’ time.

The review helps me to do that. It allows me to ensure my clients are having the right treatments for them at the right time, and keeps them abreast of the newest treatments the industry has to offer. Technology and skincare changes happen so rapidly and we are constantly bringing new innovations into the clinics.

Without doubt, the clients that take advantage of this complimentary review on a regular basis are the happiest. They have a long-term plan for their skin that is constantly being tweaked and changed as their skin changes. They are informed, supported and empowered to look their best, now and into the future.

I am always asked what my best skin tip is for healthy skin. Well this is it: prioritise yourself for 15 minutes every three months and let us take care your skin.