My 5 steps to a Clear Complexion

Assess. Know what lies beneath. Have your skin accurately assessed by a professional using skin imaging technology. There is no point is clearing pigment if you are dealing with rebound pigmentation two months later.

Repair. Depending on the depth of pigment, Intense Pulsed Light, laser or fractionated lasers are all effective at shedding pigment.

Maintain results with less aggressive and less expensive treatments monthly. I advise combining resurfacing treatments with those that build the structural quality of your skin.

Prevent more pigment forming with strong antioxidants such as vitamin B3, vitamin C, and A, AHA and BHA’s and of course daily sunscreen use.

Reassess. We review clients at least twice a year to keep the abreast of new technology and ensure they are using the very best treatments and skincare available.

There is no quick fix to improving skin health and clearing your complexion. Each client’s needs are different and that’s where we come in. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.