My Mum is a truly beautiful person

A nurse all her life, like my Grandmother before her, Mum was the reason I entered the noble profession of nursing.

She possesses a profound and deep desire to care for others, combined with a kind, forgiving heart and a wicked sense of humour. All my life she has been the reliable compass that I have gone to for navigating what is right, wrong, fair, unjust as well as deciphering which roads would be the wisest choice for me to walk down.

I have my own daughters now; Grace who is approaching 20yo and Ellie, 17yo. I don’t think I parent them in the exactly same way that I was raised, (the world is arguably a different place a generation later), but I look to my Mum and consider how she bought me up as guidance in most situations with my girls. I’m appropriately confident that Alex and I have done ok so far, as both Grace and Ellie are exceptionally resilient, kind and aptly tough young ladies of whom we are incredible proud. So is my Mum.

For Mother’s Day last year, Grace, Ellie, Mum and I shared a photo and video shoot together as part of our celebrations. Mum was asked, ‘What beauty tip she passed on to me?’ Mum’s answer remained true to her character; not ‘don’t wear waterproof mascara every day or your eyelashes will fall out” (although that would have been somewhat helpful!), insightfully she replied, “take as long as you like to get ready, but once you are ready, forget about yourself and enjoy the moment.”

I think she was a little ahead of her time, in that wherever I go now I see women and young girls constantly checking their image in the reflection of their phones, or worse, taking selfies with pursed lips, rather than being present for others.

Mum’s profound advice has protected me from succumbing to the subtle self obsessive traps that we can easily become unknowingly consumed by today. I am forever grateful. So, I’ve passed this counsel onto my girls, alongside more practical advice on how to keep their skin healthy due to the nature of what I do now.

I am sure that they will pass Mums beauty tip onto their own daughters in time too, should they be blessed enough to have them.

I cannot wait to receive more pearls of wisdom from you all, our wonderful clients, as we invite you to participate in our Mother’s Day competition that presents a special opportunity to share ‘the best beauty advice your Mum passed onto you’…

Happy Mother’s Day.