Mothers let your daughters wear makeup!

I took a client through recently for a consultation. Like so many 16 year old girls, she was struggling with persistent and worsening acne and her confidence was suffering. Even after 10 years of seeing clients like her, it is still gut-wrenching to see. No amount of well-intentioned reassurance from her mother that ‘you couldn’t really notice’ and that ‘all teenagers go through this’, was helping.

I could relate because at 16, that was me. I hid behind the thickest makeup, not because I enjoyed wearing it, far from it, but because it was the only thing that enabled me to hold my head high.

In almost every instance, the mothers of these beautiful young clients say to me ‘I have told her time and time again to stop wearing makeup as it makes it worse, but she won’t listen,’ leaving the client herself looking ashamedly at the floor.

My response usually shocks them both.

I’m more than happy for her to wear makeup. It just has to be the right makeup.

My role as I see it is not only to restore the health of my young clients’ skin, but also their confidence and sense of self beauty.

I ask them both what if I had a makeup that gave you the coverage you want, while not affecting your skin in any way?

I prescribe clients like this lovely young lady, and thousands of girls just like her, specific mineral makeup that is light and incredibly natural looking that know it won’t interfere with their treatments or acne specific skin care.

No matter how many clients like her I look after, the delighted look on that young ladies face when she looks at herself in the mirror with her new makeup applied, is never lost on me. Or on her mum.


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About the author: Suzie Hoitink is a Registered Nurse and the Founder of the award winning Clear Complexions Clinics. At Suzie’s clinics the doctors and nurses treat everyday skin conditions using the latest technology available, and in doing so, not only improve the health and appearance of their clients skin, but their overall confidence as well.