Looking the best for your formal

My sixteen-year-old daughter is preparing for her formal in September. It feels like only yesterday that I was doing this myself! We have bought the dress; shoes remain an issue.

And now, after showing no interest in skincare before, she wants to prepare her skin. She is fortunate in that she hasn’t been afflicted with the same acne prone skin that both my husband and I were but she gets the odd break out. Like many young women at formal time, she wants to ensure that a breakout isn’t timed perfectly with the big night. No guarantees here but we can certainly reduce the likelihood and have her feeling as confident as she possibly can.

Now she doesn’t need a full acne treatment program, just a blue light once or even twice a week to keep the nasty bacteria at bay. I have also started her on Immunologist, Rationale cleanser, Catalyst and AHA scrub, and so far so good.

Above all else I want her to go feeling confident, not awkward and self-conscious.

If you have a teenager who is preparing for a formal and is showing signs of being self-conscious we would love to help. Let us know the date you are working towards and our nurses will work an individualized program to get your teenager looking their glamorous best.