Keeping your skin ‘fit’ during the Christmas break

Keeping your skin ‘fit’ during the Christmas break

The clinics are frantic at the moment with clients ensuring they have their skin in the best condition possible before the break. There are a few things you can do to ensure it stays that way:

Be sun smart – use a 50+ waterproof sunscreen when swimming or exercising and a 15-30+ non water proof one every day. Enjoy the beautiful weather but just be mindful of those often forgotten areas like the neck, chest and hands.

Hydrate – Obviously drink plenty of water but keep the moisturiser up on your skin too. Switch to a lighter one like Mooi Moisture if you need to but don’t let your skin get dehydrated.

Keep the food up – feed your skin all those antioxidants like vitamins A, C, B3 as well as AHA’s and BHA’s that you have been using all year. Try not to get lazy and stop in the holidays; you will quickly notice it.

Gently exfoliate – use a mild exfoliator three to four times a week to keep that luminosity and glow in your skin. Use one with lactic acid in it for the best results.

Relax about it – this is the best time of year. We eat a little too much and partake in a little more alcohol than we usually do. Even though this isn’t conducive to great skin health and appearance, relax and enjoy. Resolve to get back on the ‘healthy skin’ bandwagon in 2015.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fun filled New Year. It has been a pleasure looking after you in 2014 and I look forward to touching base with you all in 2015.