You Glow, Girl! Achieving beautiful bridal skin at any age…

Emily’s story…

Sam and I have been engaged for over 2 years now, and all I’ve desired for my wedding day is to have clear, beautiful skin. I’ve battled mild acne since I was 13 years old, and despite my every effort, I’ve never had the unblemished, smooth skin I’ve always dreamed of. When I was invited to experience the ‘Beaming Bride’ bridal package at Clear Complexions, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a little hesitation. 

The team at Clear Complexions reassured me that the nurses would thoroughly listen to my history, assess my suitability and gently introduce me to a course of treatments and skin care that would enable me to achieve beautiful bridal skin. The package that I was subscribed not only spoke to my exact concerns, but each session was scheduled in over time to ensure that my results would be at their optimum for the date I put forward. The constant checking in and follow up from the nurses reassured me the whole way through, and I felt completely comfortable to discuss my fears and concerns along the way. The treatments themselves were nowhere near as painful or scary as what I thought they would be and the products I’ve been prescribed have allowed my skin to improve more quickly than I ever would have hoped for.

I strongly recommend anyone feeling frustrated by acne, especially brides to be, to trust Clear Complexions and consider investing in the Beaming Bride package. I am so thankful that I will be able to walk down the aisle with my head held high and embrace the moment wholeheartedly, not worrying about the appearance of my skin. 

Sue’s story…

Who would have thought that I would be planning a wedding at 57 years old! Wayne and I will be married in October this year, and whilst my delight is in the essence of the day and marrying the love of my life, the thought of countless wedding photo snaps is causing me some anxiety! As a child of the 60’s it was believed that being in the sun would provide us with many health benefits, not to mention obtaining the ultimate quintessential Aussie tan! Little did I know that I was exposing myself to an epidemic of skin cancer and premature aging. Added to those years of exposure to the sun, are my long-term health concerns and medication issues, which have left me endeavouring to find the solution to my skin damage by purchasing the miracle of ‘hope in a bottle’, across many different companies and at varying costs.

Fortunately for me, I was referred to Clear Complexions by my wonderful and caring family member who has interacted with the company for over 5 years now, and has benefited greatly from the array of medical grade skin products and treatments that they offer. The ‘Brilliant Bride’ package was suggested to me post an incredibly comprehensive and educational consultation with a gorgeous nurse to enable me to safely obtain the skin that reflects the quality, tone and health I desire. Mostly heartily (and slightly timidly) I am embracing this recommendation!

Having never entered the world of laser and light therapies, I had no idea what to expect! My fears were consistently eased however, by every member of staff at Clear Complexions, from the front of house to the treatment rooms. The services themselves were relatively pain free and I was fascinated by the technologies that exist! The recovery time required post my first session (which I was told was a rather hard-hitting but necessary) was slightly more amplified than what I was expecting, but the nursing team were in regular contact with me to discuss my bodies response and ensure my wellbeing. The outcomes that I can see so far are quite extraordinary, and I am thrilled that these will continue improving over the coming months. My skin feels stronger, with a firmer foundation to rest upon, and I have been told that I look especially ‘fresh’ and ‘radiant’. I am so pleased that I will feel less concerned about the camera on my wedding day and am now looking forward to smiling and enjoying what will undoubtedly be one of the best of my life!

Rachel’s story…

Dan only proposed to me recently, much to my delight! I will be getting married at Willow Farm in Berry late March next year. It turns out that my sister Emily (yes, the ‘Beaming Bride’ above) and I will be walking down the aisle at much the same time next year. How exciting for us to have the chance to plan for the biggest day of our lives together!  

I’ve never had any major issues with my skin however, like most people my age, I am a little conscious of premature ageing, pigmentation and dullness. I have 2 young children who unfortunately don’t like sleep and keep me very busy most of the time which isn’t ideal for radiant skin! Clear Complexions suggested I embrace their ‘Blushing Bride’ package, tailor made for clients wanting to combat the exact concerns that I find myself with. Of course, I replied with an enthusiastic ‘I DO!’ (no pun intended), and booked in my appointments accordingly.

The treatments were all quite tolerable, with the use of anaesthetic gel prior to the ‘Clear and Brilliant’, which was targeting my pigmentation and fine lines. I felt so safe in the care of the practitioners, knowing that they were medically trained, but also so appreciative of the empathetic and genuine approach that most nurses possess naturally. I am blown away by the almost immediate results! My skin is luminous and has that healthy glow that I’ve often fantasised about, but thought that ‘you were either born with, or not’. I want to encourage everyone reading this that I now know healthy skin is available to each of us, and that the confidence I have since experiencing the Blushing Bride package has been well worth the investment.

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