‘I gifted my mum a non-surgical face lift!’

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The ‘tight ponytail’ like feeling I experienced all over my face post my first Ultraformer III treatment was incredible, but it was nothing compared to the look on my Mum’s face when she saw my results later that evening.
Mum has never asked for anything, always putting my brother and I first. Whilst she rarely complained, I could tell by the way she’d sometimes pat the underside of her chin, or wear scarves around her neck, or tilt her head at unnaturally odd angles when anybody pulled out the camera that her ageing, well, sagging skin was bothering her. I decided immediately, when I saw the wonder in her eyes, that the next person to experience Ultraformer III would be her.
I gifted my Mum a non-surgical face lift in the form of Ultraformer III at Clear Complexions. This treatment is the newest of its kind on Australian shores, and it targets the same muscles of that in a facelift only without the surgery, or the downtime! Mums’ results were instantly noticeable and continue to give her increasing confidence every day. Good bye winter scarves…. Hello camera!