Fraxel re:store® Dual and Asian Skin – Is it effective?

Fore more than a decade, I have treated many hundreds of Asian clients with Fraxel re:store Dual in my clinics. It requires the careful balance of treating the condition and preventing complications that only experience and a medical approach can provide. My Asian clients demand smooth, flawless skin. Pigmentation, rejuvenation and acne scarring are their biggest concerns.

Fraxel is an excellent choice for treating all three concerns. Fraxel has an excellent safety profile due to the nature of fractionated resurfacing as well as the patented Optimal Tracking System, exclusive to Fraxel devices, which replaces traditional stamping techniques used by other fractionated lasers. Stamping can cause areas of under and over treated skin, leading to either a less effective result or increase in side effects.

The ability to tailor the depth and coverage of the laser to specific skin types, allows our experienced medical team to deliver results for our darker skinned clients without the complications that can arise from other devices.

Each of my clinics has a suite of other complimentary technologies and cosmeceuticals designed to increase the effectiveness of a Fraxel treatment, particularly on darker skinned and Asian clients.

Our clinics have performed over 3000 Fraxel treatments. I personally have lectured at five Cosmetex Cosmetic Surgery conferences on Fractionated lasers and have participated on the iNova Advisory Board for Fraxel re:store® Dual as well as Thermage CPT.

There is no question that Asian and darker skin types can be complicated to treat.  My advice for anyone of Asian origin seeking treatment for their skin is to choose their clinic carefully based on the range of technologies they provide and more importantly, the experience they have; that being only medical professionals. To not do so is simply too risky.

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