Does your foundation have enough SPF?


We all hate doing it but know we have to put it on.  Sunscreen.

Otherwise known as the “arghhh” step of the skincare regime, is it really that important, or does your foundation have enough?

We age up to 80% faster than we are genetically predetermined to, usually due to our environmental exposure to UV. We were never made to sustain Australia’s harsh UV and in fact when compared with someone of a similar age in England our skin is 10 years older… no we’re not joking.

Despite what it says on the packaging, powder and liquid makeup foundation does not have level of SPF you need to stay sun safe and prevent damage. Realistically you would need a heaped teaspoon of product on your face alone to get the stated SPF coverage.
rationale superfluid

So, if you’re not discipline with your Sunscreen everyday then we have one suggestion – Superfluids. An innovation that combines skin health and sun protection. Amazing.  It’s a sunscreen that is 50+, fortified with Vitamin B3, Green and Red Tea Extracts plus Vitamins C + E, plus it’s super light to wear. All of that with only a ¼ of the chemicals found in sunscreens, oh and did we mention is comes with a tint!


How to undo Skin Damage:

Prolonged exposure to the sun can make your skin pigmented and red, blotchy and uneven. If you find yourself wanting to undo the damage, there are clinical treatments that can help.


A more aggressive approach. It improves skin tone, texture and health all in one! Lightening the pigmentation it stimulates new collagen and resurfaces the skin removing built up dead skin cells leaving it clear, smooth and healthy.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

A quick, inexpensive treatment with no It treats very superficial pigmentation and broken vessels.


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