Enlarged pores treatment options

Do you suffer from enlarged pores? Read this short blog outlining three treatment options and the cost per treatment.

I always feel like my pores are enlarged especially on my nose and cheeks. Are there any treatments that can help reduce the appearance of them?

This has to be one of the most common complaint clients have about their skin. Large open pores can make the skin look duller and feel thicker, and the older we get, the more dilated the pores become.

Genetics play a part in every aspect of our lives and pore size is no different. People who are prone to drier skin often have pores that are barely visible while individuals with oily, thicker skin tend have larger, more obvious pores. On a positive note, skins with a higher sebum or oil production are often better hydrated through life and so tend not to form wrinkles to the degree that drier skin will.

As a pore-sufferer, I am forever grateful to the fractionated laser, Clear + Brilliant which fills the gap between microdermabrasion and more aggressive treatments. Resurfacing provides a greater degree of refinement for those with very large pores, thickened sun damaged skin or skins that are resistant to other approaches. I love this treatment. Full face treatment cost – $395.

Genesis laser can be used to minimise larger pores by heating the mid dermis, providing textural improvement. Genesis laser has the added benefit of reducing redness, as well as stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid, aiding skin strength and hydration. Full face treatment – $345.

HydraFacial MD and peels are effective in removing minor skin build up to get back to a proverbial clean slate . Incorporated into a monthly maintenance plan alongside your daily skincare, they keep your skin looking fresh and more refined. Full face treatment – $195.

Lastly using the correct medical grade skincare containing lactic, glycolic acid and salicylic acids as well as vitamins A and B3 can improve pore size in those with thickened skin, aging and sun damage as well as helping to control excess oil production.There certainly are many options for treating open and enlarged pores. Knowing what is right for you is where we come in. If you would like to find out how we can help you, contact the clinics.

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