Cosmetex Cosmetic Surgery Conference 2013

Elissa, Maredydd and I have just returned from a fantastic three days at the Cosmetex Cosmetic Surgery Conference in ‘sunny’ Melbourne.

This conference is held by the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgeons. It is always at the cutting edge of what is new and innovative but this year it also had a very collaborative feel. Excitingly there were a lot of new faces, especially nurses, all keen to learn all they can to improve the quality of the care they are giving. The vibe was infectious.

I had a busy program with five presentations. Elissa also presented this year, and was just so impressive. This year at the conference, Elissa and I chaired the Inaugural Collaboration of Aesthetic Nurses. It was the first time nurses in this field have come together with the sole focus of delivering better client care. It was humbling to be among such ethical, compassionate and professional women. It was also fantastic to have the support of many doctors as well as the ACCS.

I would just like to thank all the people who wished me well after my presentations.