There are few skin conditions that take the emotional and physical toll on a person more than acne. It is extremely persistent but with our two 12 week programs that incorporate a winning combination of light-based technologies and medical grade treatments, we can help you turn your acne around.

The problem

Acne is the result of overactive sebaceous glands and excess skin cell production, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. However not all acne is the same and treatments need to be tailored to your specific needs to achieve the best results.

The cause

Genetics and hormones are the primary impacting factors, but in some cases it may be an external factor that can be causing, if not increasing, the severity of breakouts.

In both cases this changed hormonal activity stimulates an over production of oil. At the same time the skin becomes thicker as cells no longer exfoliate in an organized way leading to congestion which is a mix of oil and dead skin cells. This provides the perfect breeding ground for Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes). This bacterium is responsible for the redness and inflammation that most often progresses on to the cysts and whiteheads.

How we can help

Diagnosing the type of acne you have and assessing its severity will help us determine the best treatment program for you. Because acne is a stubborn and persistent condition, the most effective way to tackle it is via a number of treatment modalities.

Our two 12 week programs incorporate a winning combination of light-based technologies and medical grade treatments that offer up to $850 worth of added value with a convenient payment plan starting from just $149* a week. Of course there is no obligation to sign up for these programs but many of our clients have found them to be the most cost effective and results driven approach.

Medical grade skincare is another essential tool for treating and managing acne and our nurses can prescribe you with the most effective products for your condition.


The first step

If you’re new to Clear Complexions, we need to conduct an in-depth skin analysis using state-of-the-art imaging software to look beneath your skin; so that we can determine what treatment will deliver you the best results. It only takes 60 minutes and it will set you on the right path for truly healthy skin.

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