Clear and Brilliant vs Fraxel

There has been a great deal of confusion in the market place of late about Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel and whether the two are comparable in their results.


The confusion comes because they are both fractionated lasers. The difference between them though is considerable and my concern is that the consumer is being misled.

Both Fraxel and Clear + Brilliant are available in Clear Complexions clinics and have been for years. Our qualified team is well aware of the effectiveness of both technologies as well as their limitations. Fraxel is for the repair of damage in the skin; wrinkled, sun damaged skin, scarring or pigmentation. It is powerful and remarkably effective due to its intensity.

While Clear + Brilliant utilizes the same technology as Fraxel, it is far less intense and the depth at which it treats is relatively shallow. So much so, that it is best for superficial resurfacing and pore reduction.  It is perfect for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

The confusion comes when consumers are told that 5-6 Clear + Brilliants equates to a fraxel which is not the case. There simply is not enough thermal damage at the correct depth to compare the two.

Both Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel deliver fantastic results when used on clients appropriately. My concern is that unrealistic expectations are being given and that the wrong modality is being utilized.

This situation only highlights that having clinics with a variety of technologies is essential, otherwise if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail…