5 Steps to healthy Winter skin

The colder months can bring more than a rosy glow to our cheeks.

Less moisture in the air and artificial heating leads to water loss from skin cells and strips essential lipids from the skin’s surface.
The result? Dry redder and more easily irritated skin. Here’s what you can do to help.

1. Choose a moisturiser
Choose a moisturiser specially formulated for dry skin, such as HydraVitale Emulsion or Ultracreme, to help prevent moisture loss, flushing and irritation.

2. Use a hydrating cleanser
Use a hydrating cleanser like Rationale’s Proceramide Emulsion. This will prevent water loss and keep your skin’s lipid barrier intact.

3. Amp up the antioxidants
Amp up the antioxidants in your skincare, especially vitamins B3, A and C. Essential for maintaining optimal skin health and hydration. Our recommendation is Rationale’s Immunologist, Superantioxidant ACE and DNA Reactivating Night Cream

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen
Sun damage occurs even when it’s freezing outside! Try Rationale’s Beautiful Skin SPF50.

5.Lastly, lips
Lips are highly prone to dryness and cracking in Winter as they don’t contain oil glands and retain less moisture than the rest of our skin. Apply an occlusive moisturiser in the morning and back it up with a balm or your favourite lipstick.