5 Skincare Tips for the Cooler Months

Obviously our skin changes as we get older but it also changes seasonally. As the cooler months approach there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your skin looks as fresh and as hydrated as it does in summer. 

The cooler months are the perfect time to treat any sun damage you have ‘acquired’ over summer. Fraxel and IPL and Genesis Laser are all incredibly effective at removing pigmentation and/or collapsing down vascular damage that makes skin look blotchy.

To get some hydration back into your skin, an Omnilux Medical treatment monthly is perfect. It is non-invasive, addictive, inexpensive and it delivers!

Artificially heated environments dry out our skin and it takes more than a heavy moisturizer to really rehydrate. Amping up the antioxidants in your skincare to include a vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin A is essential for maintaining the skins optimal health and hydration. And make sure to eat lots of skincare superfoods!

Over winter don’t clean your skin with detergent based cleansers. They strip the lipids and ceramides essential for maintaining the barrier function of your skin. We need this barrier to prevent moisture loss and reduce environmental damage that compromises the skins integrity. When our protective barrier is depleted we get dry, red and irritated skin. The solution is to use emulsifying cleansers that keep the lipid barrier intact.

If you use medical grade cosmeceutical skin care you will see the hydration rapidly return to your skin. There are some really effective products available now; the trick is in knowing which ones are right for you. Bring your skincare in to us and our nurses can tell you what’s good for your skin and what’s not worth the bottle it’s in.