It is such a pleasure to be back in the clinics but I must admit, on the first day I did look at my skin a moment longer in the mirror and applied just a little more foundation.

Like most of you, I’ve had a few weeks off over Christmas. While many of the clients I spoke to prior to Christmas were heading to the coast or even overseas for well-earned R and R, I went with Alex and my two teenage daughters on a week-long triathlon training camp in Jindabyne.

Lake swims, long runs and even longer (and steeper) bike rides every day meant I was questioning my decision almost hourly! I’m not even that serious about it, but that was where my family was, so up the hills I went!

In truth, we were there with a great group of similarly-minded, crazy people and I had a ball. What I really loved though was how much I didn’t care about what I looked like. Makeup and blow dried hair was replaced with sunscreen, sweat and piggy tails (I know, it’s a hell of a mental image – but with hair as short as mine, it’s the only option).
Coming home though, I can see the effects sun and wind have had and, like so many of the clients I’ve seen already this month, I want to get my skin back to optimal health as soon as I can. I’d love a one off treatment that would do the trick but, what I know better than anyone, is that often it takes a combination of a few technologies to really impact your skin after a skin care hiatus.

So here is my plan.
It takes 3 weeks, after which your skin will be better than before Christmas. I know, because I do it every year.
Week 1 -IPL Skin Full Face (for pigmentation) and Frown lines injectables
Week 2 – Laser Genesis Full Face (for redness and collagen), a peel (to resurface) and an Omnilux
Week 3 – A follow up IPL Skin Full Face, Hydrafacial (to decongest and hydrate), an Omnilux and a healing Mask

This year I’ve taken the guess work out for you and put it in a program I’ve called Renew + Repair: My 3 week Skin Boost Program. While normally I don’t like the word ‘boost’, that is honestly what it will do for your skin and what I felt I needed a few weeks ago. The real benefit of the program though is the value that it offers.
If I can help you with this, or in any other way to start your year as you mean to continue it – with healthy, beautiful skin, then please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the wonderful nurses, admin team or doctors at our clinics. We would all love to help you get back on track!

Suzie xx

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